The sisters Alicia and Alexandra Hamann were born in Peru to European parents. Since very young they were both exposed to the western culture rooted in the arts, music and fashion.

Surrounded by the stunning textiles and creativity of the Latin American population, they always dreamed about blending their Peruvian heritage with the elegance and minimalism found in the glamorous European designs.

While completing their college degrees in Business, Marketing, Interior and Fashion Design, Alicia and Alexandra were important representatives of the Peruvian modeling and fashion scene. Internationally they have participated on numerous fashion events for renowned labels including Dior, Versace, Ermenegildo Zegna, etc.

Though both of them attempted to follow independent career paths with temporary success, during the year 2015 one of them underwent a challenging infertility experience that required several medical interventions abroad. At that time, Alicia and Alexandra where living far away from each other. This was difficult moment for both for of them and led to the initiation of a project that united them, merged their talents and embodied strength and the power to keep fighting. Hera, as her history implies -Queen of the Greek Gods- exemplified women reaching their dreams even through hard circumstances.